Procedures and Guidelines

Delta Plastics looks forward to the opportunity of fabricating and installing your Counter Tops. We understand that counter top installation is not something with which you have an everyday familiarity, so we have put together a list of suggestions and procedures to help you through the process. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products and great customer service. Thank You for considering Delta Plastics for your Solid Surface or Laminate Surface Counter top needs.

Get a Bid

Supply us with a floor plan, drawing, or sketch by using our Contact Us Form (attach file), email, or fax and we will generate a written bid which we will keep on file. Our quoted prices for Solid Surface or Laminate Surface will always include tax and installation. All regular cutouts and any plywood underlayment are also included. Our prices DO NOT include any plumbing, electrical work, or leveling of cabinets. Prices for tearing out old Counter Tops will be shown separately.

Schedule your job

We recommend that you schedule your job at the same time you order your cabinets. Each installation requires two dates on our schedule: The Measure Date and The Install Date. Generally, Solid Surface, Wood Surface, and Laminate Surface counter tops require 5-7 working days between our Measure and our Installation. Quartz Surface Counter Tops require 10-12 working days between our Measure and our Installation. Your place on our schedule reflects our obligation to reserve time for your job. Of course, you can reschedule as necessary.

The Cabinets must be set before the job can be measured

This means the cabinets must be screwed together and screwed to the walls, not just pushed into place. The cabinets cannot be moved even an eighth of an inch after we’ve measured the job.

The cabinets must be set level

DuPont requires that the cabinets must be set on a level plane within an eighth of an inch over a ten foot length.

All appliances and sinks should be on the job site at the time of the measure

Often the fitting of sinks and appliances are critically close; issues which may arise around making them fit can be resolved at the measure, avoiding a delay in the installation. If the sinks and appliances are on the job, we will open the boxes and inspect them. If there is a defect or damage, there is time to replace the item without causing a delay of the installation.

Measure and job site meeting

The meeting at the job site for the measure is very important. We want you to be there. This is your opportunity to give us your input on all the details. All the major decisions, like color, edge treatment, and splash detail, will be confirmed. Job site conditions will be reviewed with the goal of insuring that the job meets your expectations without any surprises.


Our policy is to collect a 50% payment at the time of the measure. You will be invoice prior to the day of the installation and the invoice will be mailed to you. The balance is due upon at time of installation unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept payment by business or personal check.

* Note: Solid Surface Counter Tops are Corian® and Laminate Surface Counter Tops are Formica®