Integrated Sinks

Sinks from DuPont™ Corian® can be perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry area or office. Corian® sinks provide beauty, functionality, durability, stain resistance and easy care through years of use.




The beauty of DuPont™ Corian® lies in its adaptability. This innovative material, which can form organic or linear shapes, permits endless creative possibilities allowing the freedom to design spaces tailored to personal tastes.

Within the confines of the kitchen and bathroom, the seamless construction and extensive color palette of Corian® are easily configurable to suit a variety of interior styles from modern classic to minimalist to rustic chic.

The pure, elegant forms of Corian® basins, sinks and work surfaces integrate effortlessly into these surroundings, creating intimate spaces that reflect the personality of their owner and that play host to life’s daily rituals.

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Acrylic Polyester Kitchen Sinks – New models now available!!
The bold and sophisticated aesthetic of the Corian® 5216, 5218, 5610, 9412 & 9980 kitchen sinks can help your designs take shape. Corian® delivers an array of benefits highlighted by unparalleled functionality for modern interiors.

Acrylic Polyester Lavs – New models now available!!
Corian® 810P, 5315, 5414, 7412, 7418, 7722, 8252 & 8254 lavatory sinks coordinate with Corian® vanity tops for a seamless, easy-to-clean surface. These Corian® lavatory sinks, bring more innovation, style and sleekness to not only residential interiors but also commercial settings such as hospitals, dental offices, labs & senior-living facilities.

Corian® Small Single Sinks
Corian® single sinks are compact yet functional. Use one by itself, or in combination with other Corian® sinks. Sinks are available in a number of colors to complement any design.

Corian® Large Single Sinks
For spacious styling, a large, single Corian® sink is a popular choice. Select one to use alone or in any sink combination.

Corian® Double Sinks
Double the sink means double the workspace. And these models go beyond practical, with a contemporary style and elegance to complement your design.

Corian® Vaso Sink Collection
The new Corian® Vaso Collection sinks will blend into any room while adding an air of elegance. The nonporous, stain resistant sinks fit right into a Corian® countertop seamlessly.

Corian® Bath Sinks
Corian® bathroom sinks provide beauty, functionality, durability, stain resistance and easy care through years of use. And because Corian® is nonporous, it won’t promote the growth of mold or mildew. A variety of colors and styles will inspire your creative side.

Corian® Bathroom Vanity Tops
Corian® bathroom vanity tops are ready to install as a one-piece vanity top and bowl that will fit more than 30 standard cabinet sizes. Bathroom vanity tops include single and double bowl designs and offer an integral coved backsplash and a thick front edge treatment to provide a custom look.